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365 Project

Rosana Kooymans

Nederlandse designer en kunstenaar. Ik heb twee Etsy shops. Op Rosana Kooymans verkoop ik vooral Freezer Bunny knuffeltjes en illustraties. En op Retro Hugs verkoop ik planner- en craftspulletjes.

In mijn vrije tijd game en creëer ik voor SNW.

Ik ben verslaafd aan mijn Filofax en Carpe Diem planners, en ik maak ook agendavullingen en stickers voor planners. De 2019 vulling staat inmiddels in mijn shop!

Ik hou van mijn geeky hubby en onze 3 creatieve, geeky zoons!

Lees de Over Mij pagina om te zien wat mij boeit.




  • RT : since i’m barely seeing blm on the tl anymore here’s a thread of petitions to reopen cases that haven’t been given justice 3 weken 6 uur geleden


365 Posts

365 - April 16, 2017: Bye bye iMac!

Let's hope they can fix it...

365 - April 15, 2017: Freezer Bunny!

Still testing...

365 - April 14, 2017: Playing with pastels

I'm bored...

365 - April 13, 2017: Retro coasters snarky witty funny pinup

These made me laugh...

365 - April 12, 2017: Den Bosch Shopping Haul Lush HEMA Xenos Zeeman Wibra SoLow Flying Tiger Sostrene Grene

I have a new flamingo!!!!

365 - April 11, 2017: Den Bosch girls ladies day shopping food t Keershuys gluten free Lush

We visited Lush, among other things...

365 - April 10, 2017: Discoooo!

I've had this thing for ages...

365 - April 9, 2017: Cherry blossom trees

I would like a few in my backyard...

365 - April 8, 2017: Upside down Quinn baby playing

It's a tradition in our family!

365 - April 7, 2017: Clay hands

It's all white. At least it's easy to clean off.

365 - April 6, 2017: Romantic Vintage scrapbooking cardstock Action

More beautiful paper!

365 - April 4, 2017: More wedding stuff train tracks

It's getting real now.

365 - April 3, 2017: iMac (again)


365 - April 2, 2017: Asparagus


365 - April 1, 2017: iMac

The saga continues...

365 - March 31, 2017: BK

It's about time!

365 - March 30, 2017: Beach Paper scrapbooking cardstock Action

One of my favourite new pads.

365 - March 29, 2017: Another new printer? 3D Batman gadgets

Another one? Why Rosie, why?

365 - March 28, 2017: Lawn Fawn: Party Animal



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