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Twittoholic? Ik?

Rosana Kooymans

Nederlandse designer en kunstenaar. Ik heb twee Etsy shops. Op Rosana Kooymans verkoop ik vooral Freezer Bunny knuffeltjes en illustraties. En op Retro Hugs verkoop ik planner- en craftspulletjes.

In mijn vrije tijd game en creëer ik voor SNW.

Ik ben verslaafd aan mijn Filofax en Carpe Diem planners, en ik maak ook agendavullingen en stickers voor planners. De 2019 vulling staat inmiddels in mijn shop!

Ik hou van mijn geeky hubby en onze 3 creatieve, geeky zoons!

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dinsdag, mei 20, 2008 - 10:22

Ik bezoek vaak blogs van mensen die ik volg op Twitter. heeft ook een blog, en dat is waar ik deze 'Twittoholic Screening Test' heb gevonden. Hiermee kun je kijken hoe verslaafd aan Twitter je nu werkelijk bent. Hier zijn de resultaten.

  1. Have you lost time from work because of Twitting?
  2. Is twitting making your boss unhappy?
    Basically I am my own boss. And I am not unhappy about me Twitting, so no.
  3. Is twitting affecting your reputation?
    I have no idea, maybe? I guess not. You'd have to ask others who follow me.
  4. Do you convince yourself the affect on your reputation is positive which is why you not only should but must continue to twit?
  5. Have you ever felt remorse after twitting?
    A little. So that would be a yes.
  6. Have you ever twitted when you knew you should be doing something else?
  7. Have you ever continued to twit when asked to stop?
    No, then again, no one asked me to stop.
  8. Have you ever jeopardized your health or the one of others by twitting, (like mobile twitting while driving)?
  9. Do you feel irritation if you haven't twitted for some time?
  10. Have you ever twitted before breakfast?
  11. Do you want to twit the next morning?
  12. Does twitting interfere with your sleeping habits?
    Not really, my sleeping habits are screwed up anyway.
  13. Has twitting caused arguments or disagreements with your spouse?
  14. Has your efficiency decreased since twitting?
    I don't think so.
  15. Do you reply to twelebrities (twitter-celebrities) to build up your self-confidence?
    No, if I reply to twelebrities it's probably. because I feel like having a conversation with them.
  16. Have you ever lied about what you were doing while twitting?
  17. Have you ever hid your twitter homepage when someone is around?
  18. Have you ever turned to third party applications to twit when your boss has closed for access to the twitter homepage?
    No (see #2)
  19. Have you ever had a loss of sense of time because of twitting?
  20. Has your tech staff ever had to treat your computer because of twitting?
  21. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of twitting?
  22. Do you twit alone?
    Lol, no.
  23. Are you in denial and lied or "stretched the truth substantially" when answering any of the questions above?

If you answered 3 or more of these questions with a Yes it is a definite sign that your twitting patterns are harmful and possibly considered twitter dependent or twittoholic.

Ik denk dat dat dus betekent dat ik een Twittoholic ben. Alhoewel ik het niet echt zo voel. Ik heb 6x met ja geantwoord. Als Twitter terug online is zal ik tweeten dat ik een Twittoholic ben. Maar ik moet er wel bij vermelden dat ik echt niet zo verslaafd ben dat ik niet zonder Twitter kan. Kom op zeg.

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